Journal of Undergraduate Science and Technology (JUST)

Direct quote from JUST:

Are you interested in publishing your undergraduate research?

We encourage you to submit your research and writing to the Journal of Undergraduate Science and Technology (JUST) at UW-Madison.

JUST is a biannual research journal written, edited, and published by UW undergraduates with the missions of supporting undergraduate research and making science accessible to the public. We are accepting submissions of undergraduate research until November 1st, 2023, for our Fall publication. We accept submissions of primary and secondary research, shorter editorials, and scientific photographs. For more information about us and how to submit, please visit our webpage.

Submitting to JUST is easy; our writing guidelines and previous publications are online and available as resources. At JUST, we believe that publishing is a great opportunity for students to contribute to science literacy, as well as build their own resumes, and we would love to involve as many UW students as we can. Let us know if you have any questions.

In addition to submissions, we are also recruiting for a select few staff member positions: Marketing Assistant, Design Assistant, Content Editors (3-4 positions), and Staff Writers (1-2 positions). Apply online today